That's me, never without a camera in my hand!
I'm a Photographer based in North Yorkshire, England.
My passion for photography spans many genres. Having somewhat mastered the technical aspects of the craft I find the artistic side of photography a constant journey of discovery and evolution. I'll often find myself  at a popular location taking the obvious shot, placing my tripod feet in the three little holes worn in my decades of photographers before me, but the desire to create something completely new is never far from my mind. 
I began in photography when film was all there was. I owned an EOS 620 with a couple of lenses and I read up on the subject. Looking back I wouldn't have called myself a photographer. I understood everything I read in the books but that creative spark was missing. This didn't follow until I joined a camera club in Guisborough some years after going digital. Being in a room full of other creative people and listening to the language of photography on my first meeting as a major competition was being judged, I knew I was where I should be. I fed of the collective experience and thrived on the competitions. 
I have recently returned to film, completely unaware that a resurgence in film was underway. As an engineer I have a fascination with vintage engineering. The thought came out of nowhere, that I should get a camera that relied only on springs, leavers, glass and chemistry and see if I couldn't apply what I now know and get the results with film I never could the first time round. I now have a collection of 35mm, medium format and now large format cameras. 
Well, thanks for dropping in. I hope you see something you like. Feel free to get in touch.

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